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Make own gel liner

Make own gel liner

Hye girls , in this entry I wanna share wif u on How To Make Own Gel or Eyeliner . You can only use the things that you can get inside your home. Then you can have your own product, you can produce your own brand also =) . So lets check it out.

What u need ?????

Vaseline . But the best one is the Petroleum Jelly

Dark black eyeshadow

Case and scratcher

How to make ?????

1. Take a knife or anything sharp. Take your eyeshadow, 
no problem if you want to use the branded or unbranded one .

2. Scratch the eyeshadow onto the plate . 
no need too much coz maybe wasted . 
if u need more u can scratch it then .

3. Next, put some of your Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly and mix it 
with the eyeshadow that you have scratch.

You can see the texture changed. 
Then try to adjust it with your own, you can see either 
you need to add some eyeshadow or Vaseline. 
Because you dont need too oily liner

4. Lastly, put your liner into the cases and 
now you have your own product ! ! =)

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