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How Wisely Jewish deceive Muslims

 How Wisely so Jewish deceive Muslims

Wisely so Jewish deceive Muslims, they told us ​​to drink cow's milk that they have made, but they didnt cause they drink goat's milk, they drink what our prophet Muhammad's drink. Why do we not follow our prophet, we follow the Jewish people.

It has been said in line with the Prophet's hadith
"Beware of Satan for the safety of your religion .. He had given up to lead you astray in big things, so be vigilant that you do not follow him in small things"

Some of 'their stuff' that we always follows are ;

1. We have been taught in biology books, diet books that if you need vitamin B, and if you want to add the blood, we have to eat animals liver and chicken liver, but actually Prophet not encourage us to eat the internal organs. Actually eat chicken livers can dampen our brain, because it is the organ where all toxins will be collected and neutralized. When we eat the toxins, then bengaplah our Muslim. 

 2. We were taught in science that coffee is not good for you. But coffee is actually one of our prophet favorite drink instead of milk and honey. Look at the Jews, they drink coffee, Starbuck. Jewish Professor in the UK who all have a glass coffee with their hands.

 3. They taught us that lamb has a high cholesterol, but lamb is also a food of our prophet. As if the science books I want to degrade our Prophet nutrition. Actually, goat meat is the most low cholesterol meat.

4.  We were taught that eating McDonalds is good, but McDonald's was actually a food which has a very high cholesterol and saturated fats and most trans.

5. The heathen also encourage us to drink and eat non-nutritious food directly, such as coke, and MAG. Coke has toxic, not good ur to health (high sugar, acidic pH in the range of 3.5, there is poison hidden). But nowadays the Malay we are addicted to drink.

6. For information,they told us about the good of soy drink (because USA is the largest soy producer), but soy can actually give negative affect such as weaken the male virility and reduce male and female fertility. Soy also could increase the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and brain and bone weakening cause estrogen in soy is the same with women estrogen. Pastu soy is phytic ACD which affect the absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc are important for our body.

So , beware my beloved Muslimssss . =) . MizNana love all her 'siblingsss'


Make own gel liner

Make own gel liner

Hye girls , in this entry I wanna share wif u on How To Make Own Gel or Eyeliner . You can only use the things that you can get inside your home. Then you can have your own product, you can produce your own brand also =) . So lets check it out.

What u need ?????

Vaseline . But the best one is the Petroleum Jelly

Dark black eyeshadow

Case and scratcher

How to make ?????

1. Take a knife or anything sharp. Take your eyeshadow, 
no problem if you want to use the branded or unbranded one .

2. Scratch the eyeshadow onto the plate . 
no need too much coz maybe wasted . 
if u need more u can scratch it then .

3. Next, put some of your Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly and mix it 
with the eyeshadow that you have scratch.

You can see the texture changed. 
Then try to adjust it with your own, you can see either 
you need to add some eyeshadow or Vaseline. 
Because you dont need too oily liner

4. Lastly, put your liner into the cases and 
now you have your own product ! ! =)



After taken the IELTS examination at Citrus Hotel and British Council examination room, i have to wait 2 weeks for the results . My target Band is between Band 6.0 to Band 6.5 . 

Nana , hows ur IELTS? Do you achieve your target ??????

Ermm ,  yeah i got Band ..........................


 Even only 6, but i am very satisfied because i did not attend any classes . I studied by myself and no one told me about the hint or format for the examination.

I know if i attend the class maybe i can achieve more than what i have now. =)

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