Welcome to my space..
In my space here, i wanna share with you
about me, my life, and mine... :)
Im sorry because i will use
English + Malay = Rojak

so make sure u
understand what i wrote here



Eat and Foods

Eating is the ingestion of food for energy and growth. Eat is one of the easier hobby rather than others.  But need a lil bit of investment hehe . Do you like to eat? I like to eat . When i eat, it makes me feel happy and when my stomach full it makes me smile and smile . haha . I like to eat but sadly i cant eat too much in the same time not like before when i was a young girl. It happened when i was growing up. Maybe my size and ages makes my stomach smaller. huh. Never mind at least i still can eat. I eat various foods in my life. sedappp kot makan tuu .im not a chooser in taking food and easy for me to go somewhere but importantly even tough i eat many types of food it still HaLaL okay.

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