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NUTOX OXY . It is Awesome !

Hye , i wanna share bout this product .
Im so excited to share bout this especially for the girls
I know all of you want ur face look clear and fine .
Im also searching for the best .

I dont need a smooth and shining face like the people who used peeling products but i want my face look smooth, clean and free from the dead skin cells

since i used this product, i didnt use any foundation or face powder at all if i go out ! on my first day Raya Aidilfitri, i didnt use any powder huhu . didnt share this if i dont get it guys .

Have u heard bout the NUTOX products ?
I have been used this product about 2 months already .
It showed a very good result after a week i used it
I didnt used much , BUT i just used 1 of NUTOX's products
by using this one already make me felt satisfied
how if u use the complete products ? maybe better . .
Suitable for all skin types , the main ingredient is Bird's Nest .
Natural and safe !

I only used The Wrinkle Away Cleanser . twice or trice a day .
Just use little only . A 1OOml can be use about 3 months
It also cheap, only rm2O and below .

If u are using the peeling products , beware friends !
Some of products said, it is only remove the dead skin cells but actually it is a peeling products . if ur face only peeling naturally it is removing ur dead cells, if ur face become reddish u are facing a bad effects later on . u also hard to go out in sunny day because ur face will be reddish and easy for u to get cancer and will get a bad pigmentation !

Now, yeah ur face are shining and smooth but in the other age u face may look like this :

Thanx for reading , i hope we can share the happiness feeling together ! :D


  1. setengah tahun guna produk nue terus xpandang simply siti dah..;) sabun yg 4 segi tu lagi super duper best..kulit mcm baby..eww

  2. yaka . aku bru try yg ni tp ni pon ckup bgus dah kesannya . nti la nak tengok2 lgi produk2nya yg lain ni

  3. baru pakai 2 minggu...huhu..lembut tu mmg!x tahan nak tukar dah.nak cerah pun lmbt

  4. kena tgok la dia punya function, yg akk pki i bukan tuk Whitening tp Wrinkle Cleanser :D

  5. sy pown gne full set nutox...da sebulan gune,seriusly klit jadi sgt lmbut, tanpa cela, bermaya n cantik! ;)

  6. oily kat muka pon dah xde . =)

  7. Alhamdulillah. .. bagus produk Nutox ni.... ! Baru pakai 2 hari... dah nampak kesan pigmentasi (jeragat) berkurang. Sgt berkesan... ! I ♥ Nutox so much. ..!


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