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MizNana and MakeUp !

Here , The Simply Touch for your face.

I don’t like to use makeup as much as like this .

Sometimes didn’t put any Foundation or compact powder.

I just use an eyeliner and mascara.

Coz im not Pro, just sharing sharing okay.

As a woman, this is an ‘extra ordinary’ to learn.

Who knows you will have a special event someday.

This is just a basic and it easy to learn.

This is my style . Sorry if u don’t like it. Just share.

Look like a smoky eyes but not .


Use Foundation. Use colour which is same with ur face. I Love Revlon, very smooth!

DONT use lighter than ur face just bcoz u have dark skin.

It will give FAKE result because too different with ur hand skin colour. Funny !

Just rub and apply to all part of ur face


Then, i used Maybelline Foundation which is a lil bit lighter for the circle point of eyes.


Eye shadow . Im not good doing this hehe .

U need face tape. Then patch it onto ur face .

U can see in the picture, inside yellow circle .

Put from the tip of ur eye till the end of ur eyebrow.


The key to keeping eyeshadow from melting into ur eyelid or keep it oil-free,start with eyeshadow base [1st pict] .
Take light color; Gold, or natural color; Brown [2nd pict]


Then you need a darker eyeshadow shade. Use black. Love it.

Just dap dap it like u see in the picture then sweep it slowly till u have like what u see in the picture

Up to you, you want dark, darker or darkest. But must compatible with ur skin!


After that, open the tape. Take the brush and rub smoothly

at the line of ur eye shadow. To make it look natural.


For under eyes, I like to make my eyes look bigger,even it already big . huhu

So i used white color and apply to the half part of my eyes

Followed by black color from half to the end if my eyes.


If you want to apply eye shadow or eyeliner,

Put ur finger like this. I got this info form the professional.

Easy for u to apply onto circle point of ur eyes.


Eyeliner. In2it. This is my FAV brand, it is cool ! i tell u .

U can see the brush , so thin and soft.

First put a tiny line till 1/2 of ur eyelid, then a lil bit thick till the end.

It can makes ur eyes look Bigger and round!

[ i know some of u put eyeliner before eyeshadow ]


Next is Mascara . I used Maybelline. This type is easy to remove.

So, don’t worry if u want to go for pray. Just wash it before take Wudhuk.

Apply the mascara ‘Zig Zag’ to ur eyelash. Okay. Zig Zag !!


If u apply it Zig Zag, u will have eyelash like this ! Neat rite ?


Blusher . Use the big brush, if ur face is small use the smaller one.

Make sure it suitable for the size of ur cheekbone.

Smile. And apply it . Make a circle 2 to 3 round then sweep to ur cheek .

Follow the arrow inside the picture .

Then, put a compact powder using a big brush and dap dap it onto ur face.

To make ur face look ‘Gebu’ and nice.

Apply a Lipstick . I used Maybellie Watershine C11.

But in the picture u didn’t use lipstick huhu.


Hehe. . for the professional, sorry if there is a mistake

Im still learning also . Coz im not live with makeup. :D

[Weakness: sorry for the picture , blur and not sharp , i used HP to snap.]

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