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Blogshops List - Online shopping

A very accurate match for the girls mostly .
I do like it . but not 'Super' .
Sometimes i went out to shopping mall without buy anything.

i Just wanna look around , survey for various clothes . Felt satisfied already !
I like to see people actually .People with different types of their own fashion.
I dont like the Branded clothes , i dont know why .
maybe bcoz the designed is Very DuLL in my eyes.
even i have much money , i feel wasting to buy all that
Thinking the people who sacrifice themselves to find a little food.
Our money is for 'Us'

But now, without going out , i also can make survey .
Online shopping is the disease that spread like a fungus . huhu
There are many shops that you can find by clicking the word tab on your lappy
All is in your hand now .

You can find the shops in your Facebook , or Blog , or Website maybe .
Various kind of shops rite ? For men , women, baby, and your home also .

These are some of the lists . Many shops registered here:

So, have fun, enjoy your shopping !

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