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Fashionista Muslimah Style Covered

now memang dah ramai yg berhijab @ bertudung
i hope the number will be add up more soon

dah macam2 style berhijab skrg .
tp biarla cara tu betul ya

klu d Malaysia ni, org slalu pbesarkan bju kurung
dan memperlekeh kan dress lain
u know what , only in Malaysia ada baju kurung
Negara lain xda .

In other country, the just wear any clothes in their wardrobe
atleast covering their aurah ,

but, the result was very nice actually
and i really like the style
still covering your aurah and fulfill the muslimah style
with loose pants , tops and dress .
then match it with the nice style covered .

In malaysia, some of u maybe did not wear the hijab
because you are very fashionista .
hey guys , now u can also be a very fashionable and creative
no matter what they say , but they will follow u someday

beside that, u are safe from the hellfire rite
because covering your aurah

this is some of the example that you can follow
and make it as ur inspire .

I Love to share this because really hoping
more girl will wearing hijab some day.

This is HANA TAJIMA , one of the inspiration for u
selain tu, korang jugak bleh search SHEA , DIAN , or bnyk lg . .


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