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Fit your body


They said , running or jogging are the faster way to decrease your weight.
some of them said, walking is better.
but for me, i think both of them are good. but depend on yourself.
our body has different types of muscles, blood, fat and so on. and the contents of water also different.
so, u may try which one is better and suitable to your body.

Me, i did jogging before this. but there is a people said to me that jogging is not too good for women because it may give effect to the hip and uterus. I dont know either its true or not.
but for my health, why not i just try the other techniques. which still can gives the same results.

As well i stayed at batu 4, Gombak, near to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, i decided to go for a walk only every evening . went out about twice a week, or once a week to TTT. im just wearing a shirt, tracksuit, and Slipper ! huhu.. what kind of exercise is this? i dont have a sport shoes actually. always forgot to buy it.
this way is good, i dont know either it gives a positive or negative results but i like it.
just walk walk and walk. and you do try it. who knows it is suitable for your body rite ?

But now, i did not go to TTT usually like before. im too bz with my class and having practical. after go back home i felt sleepy so now every evening i will sleep. No more TTT. but im trying to replace it with the another activity.

STAIRS . huuu, i know most of you dont like to use stairs . u may wait for long time to wait for the lift rather than using the stairs. but for me , now i like stairs.. huhu..
but not if im using my heels Okey . hard to step on the stairs using my heels.
im trying to share this because this way ca n make your body not slim at all but also Fit.
Im not too slim laa, because i know i have a big bone size, so my size will be only like this. Just to make my body get fitness , maintain , steady and healthy. especially the Tummy.
i do it everyday after going back from practical. i will start stepping the stairs from my level which is level 3 until the level 7.

for my first week, i did steps only for 2 to 3 times only from level 3 to 7. going upstairs then down, then up and down then....

but next, i can did for about 5 6 or 7 times ! ! waah, this is cool man ! my muscles already tight to steps as much as i can .

so, just wanna share this, do try your ways. by jog , walk , run or maybe wanna try using a stairs too..
if you dont have time to do exercise , just try the simple one.
when you were at college or office , do try to use stairs.
but if the level are many, just balance it. half half lorh... huhu
who knows it can make u slim or, healthy, or fit, or happy or or or and or... huhu..

At Sandakan ~

so bored ! i didnt go out . just keep staying at home evryday .
i thought what should i do to keep my body healthy
my house also have stair . but different .

haa ~
now i have another activities that i can do in my room evryday
let me share it :

1 . First

Before sleep and after i wake Up
I lie on my bed with my hands placed under thighs.
I raise legs as high as i can and keep them there.
then i cross my legs one over the other and repeat on the other side.
Like a Scissors . Its hurt at the first time but really Great for ur muscles

2. Or
I do sit-Up before sleep and after wake up . but this is the new exercise i did
just lie on my bed and put my feet under the edge of the bed
then i make it . at least 3 sets ! and 1Ox per set . means 3o laaa .

3. Or

At the morning, sometimes if i have a time i will use this
i have one in my room . this is good actually . good for ur leg .
u can walk
u ca run
or u can feel like u are stepping on the stairs

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