Welcome to my space..
In my space here, i wanna share with you
about me, my life, and mine... :)
Im sorry because i will use
English + Malay = Rojak

so make sure u
understand what i wrote here



im back to blogging site !

hye , after a few times im gone, now im back to activate myself in blogging..
where im gone ? im too bz guys..
i juz finished my training as a teacher at Primary school..
and the most important, im done my studied. Yeay ! !
i know u also will be happy if done ur job as a student
but remember, the future is still far to hug..
u will have to face many more things in front u..

wanna know what im doing in those few times ?

here i share :

during my practical period, it was a very special moments actually,
i have been in trainig for EIGHT weeks not included the school holidays Okay..
im training at the Preschool coz my course is Early Childhood Edu..
so happening and it was a big responsibility in teaching childhood..
this is some pictures during my training..

in my class

Dinner Teacher's Day at Seri Melayu Restaurant .

These are my present from students and teachers during Teacher's Day

me with ur Aqilah. She was my observation student

party celebrate Rabiatul Adawiyah's birthday

some of my ''hand touch''

this one also, the board , the chart and the flowers on the wall

during my training , i also had attentd to the Ibadah Camp :

At Nur Lembah Pangsun, Hulu Langat ..

will be continue kot.. my journey too panjang and many laa..

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