Welcome to my space..
In my space here, i wanna share with you
about me, my life, and mine... :)
Im sorry because i will use
English + Malay = Rojak

so make sure u
understand what i wrote here



conti conti nueee ..

this is the continuation from the previous post..

hurrmm ~ durig my school holidays for 2 weeks, i spent half of my time at college
huhu.. i missed to stay at the library ; reading, online, talking, eating, sleeping and many more.
i have a big thing to do actually during my stayed at college, but urghhh..
everything was disappointed.. its all about to further study..
but never mind.. its done already by today..
fuuh , almost 3 weeks thinking of it, and now it already settled.

after 2 weeks holidays, i have a presentation of my Business Plan on Sunday, 12 june !
it was the last day of school holidays, and all of the trainee will present their paperwork.
i have tackled the judges attention ! yeay ! i got it , all i prepared give 'gold' to me . :D
they liked my presentation..

i wanna upload my video butttt the line is boiling my heart.
urghhh ! very slow laa the motion .
i used the wireless at my hostel and it is very2 like siput babi + lintah darat..
i donna wanna use it but my Berokband is crazy2 rite now.
i dono why maybe coz not pay yet.. haha.. :P shaming !

its ok, i'll make another continuation for this again.
hmm, i tot i can finish it by today..

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